THE 22022022 BURGER

About This Project

Snackspert was in Ede for THE 22022022 BURGER.

Snack lovers know him from Instagram of course: @snackspert. This snack influencers was in Ede, for a reason.

Eke Bosman aka Snackspert was at McDonald’s Ede. Not just for nothing: he received the very first 22022022 Burger here at 11.11 am.

22022022 Burger

What kind of citizen? This is a burger looking exactly the same from left to right and right to left. Only 22 were made and on February 22, 2022, they were only available in McDonald’s Ede for people with a palindrome name. A palindrome name is exactly the same if you read it backwards.

It’s no surprise that this burger was available on February 22. The date is 22-02-2022: a palindrome date. And read the place name Ede backwards…

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