Apache Helicopter

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An apache attack helicopter made an emergency landing on Tuesday 11 September 2018 at the Ginkelse Heide near Ede. A specialist team has now arrived on site and is investigating the reason for the emergency landing. Defense has now cordoned off the area.

On Thursday 13 September 2018, the Apache helicopter, which has stranded on the Ginkelse Heide in Ede since Tuesday, will fly back to Gilze-Rijen air base.

This afternoon, mechanics fixed the helicopter. The emergency landing was caused by an electronic failure in the flight control or pilot control. One of those components was repaired by defense technicians. The helicopter will make its way to Gilze-Rijen air base around 3 p.m.

At the end of the afternoon, the Apache helicopter, stranded on the Ginkelse Heide in Ede since Tuesday, managed to continue its way to Gilze-Rijen air base. For a moment it turned out that the stranded Apache helicopter had problems again. But the oil-stranded Apache helicopter had to be refilled.

Shortly afterwards the pilots could take a seat in the plane and start the helicopter again to keep the engines running. After a number of tests flying low above the Ginkelse Heide in Ede, he left for the Gilze-Rijen air base. Defense has now released the area again.