About Me

I am Patryk Wesseling, a Dutch “Allround photographer and videographer”.
I’ve always loved taking pictures.


At the end of 2018, one of my big dreams came true.
I then started my own company as a freelance photographer.


I myself often photograph varied and various types of photography assignments.
Since 2019 I have also been added to the team of Indebuurt Ede as a freelance photographer.


The biggest challenge for me is to take the perfect picture with a camera.
Partly because of this, I successfully completed the training as a professional photographer in 2021.
Now I am officially a “Certified Professional Photographer”.


In recent years I have built up a broad portfolio as a photographer, ranging from model photography to event photography, from automotive photography to sports photography and from landscape photography to press photography.


Every branch of photography is different and every photo is different, that applies to a person and I think it’s wonderful to be able to capture all this with my camera.


All in all, I really enjoy taking the perfect picture with my camera.
In short: I love to focus my camera for the best end result.


My own company: “Patryk Wesseling Photography & Videography” is also affiliated with the professional organization for professional photographers: DuPho (Dutch Photographers).